Wire Drives for 4-8S boats!
Thanks to Jim Vaughn, our wire drives held IMPBA World Records in:
Q-Hydro, S-Hydro, S-Mono, T-Mono, N-2 Mono,
N-2 Tunnel, P-Tunnel and S-Sport Hydro !
How to Install A
Wire Drive
Flex Cables come with the standard 3/16"x 2.25" Shaft.
If you need something longer or shorter just e-mail me.
Silver Brazed Flex Cables
These are welded with 55% Silver Brazing wire!
Strongest method in the industry!
Wire Drives
Step Up Shaft
E-mail me!
Brazed Flex Cables
Left Hand Lay Cables (Normal rotation)
Total length is 16" with stub
Right Hand Lay Cables for twin set ups
Total Length is 16" with stub
RH Lay Cables
4mm steps UP to 3/16"  Offered
with 62 or 78 wire or 130 Flex Cable.
1/8" stub with 062 wire and 2 1/2" long. For smaller riggers,
monos or cats. 16" long with stub. Be sure and order a bullet
prop nut for this unit. $14.00
Speedmaster Style Flex Cables or Wiredrives for Stinger
Cables are welded with 55% Silver Brazing and wiredrives use retaining compound
The Speedmaster stub is longer for the stinger. These shafts are 3" long x 3/16 dia
with 1/2" of 10/32 threads. Total length is 16"
SpeedMaster Drives
After many years and 1000s of Wire Drives built, we know just
drilling a stub and sticking a wire with retaining compound is not the
strongest method. We purchase bulk very straight wire from the
factory. We were the first and continue to be the leader. These are
3/16" stubs by 2.25" long. Total length is 16". If you need longer,
please email me for prices.
Teflon tubing for 062 and 078
wiredrives. PTFE tubing 18" long. Use
7/32 K&S Tubing. Teflon has 3/16"
O.D. Makes wiredrives smoother and
quiet. STILL USE A LUBE. $4.50