Installing a Wire Drive
Teflon Liner or Not:

This is has been a subject of debate by many.  I have run them both ways and do not see any difference
in speed. What I do believe is wire on metal makes heat and also wears on the wire drive where it
contacts the stuffing tube at the bend. I also believe the lubication inside teflon lasts longer and you can
run more than once or twice before removing the drive for more lube.

What I do like about brass alone is you can maintain a very small stuffing tube. You can use 1/8" brass
tubing for the .062 wire drive and it would decrease drag under the hull when the stuffing tube is
exposed as in a hydro or rigger.

Either way the wire drive will be more efficient than a larger cable.


I like to try and make a gradual bend to the motor and I also prefer to mount my motor more forward
which creates less bend in the stuffing tube and if more bend is needed it should be toward the motor
end. This maintains less resistance at the strut bushing. If using teflon leave about 1.5" of teflon exposed
at the strut so adjustment is easy. If you need more bend after setting the boat up then bending the entire
stuffing tube a bit more is better than bending the strut up or down at the teflon strut area. Most hulls
prefer the strut level with the hull bottom with the strut also being flat with no Postive or Negative angle.
This can be done on a counter edge or flat surface.

Lubrication: A MUST!

Always use some form of lube. I like a mixture of Synthetic grease (Pennzoil Marine Grease at
Wal-Mart) on the wire and then several drops of oil (Simple 3 N 1 oil is fine) down the wire before
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