Standard Drive Dogs $3.25
This is the best drive dog for the prop
hub size on electrics. Use the drop
down box to choose your size.
Strut Sleeve bearing - $5.25
Offers better shaft support and can be
loaded with grease to keep more on
the shaft. Raised lip..not flared!
Thrust Bearing - $7.00  You
want this on all motors! Takes the load
of thrust off the endbell of the motor
which can lead to damage of the motor.
Brass Bullet Prop Nut $3.25
Please use drop down to choose your
E-mail me!
Drive Dogs
Brass Bullet Nuts
Linkage Boots $4.25
Use on rudder linkage. Come with two
in package. Good quality boots.
Radio/ESC Extension $5.00
Radio Extensions for your ESC or
other radio extension.